Through The Knox School’s Continuous Online Reporting system, parents receive, via an online login, up to date reports on their child’s assessments.

At any time during the year, they are able to see the assessment task, the date due, the criteria for marking and the achieved result.

The reports are up to date with the progress of all subjects and results published a short time after the assessment task is completed and marked.

By seeing the criteria for marking, both the parent and the student can see where they need to improve and action can be taken immediately so that the following tests show an improvement.

This Continuous Online Reporting system helps our students improve in all areas of learning.

  • Greater accountability of students’ work habits
  • Timely feedback – the progress report is issued when the task is completed and assessed, enabling the teacher and the parent to identify, intervene and improve
  • No “surprise” negative results coming home at the end of a semester. If there is a problem, parents are notified when it arises
  • Access online anywhere, anytime via a secure web-based program

Reporting is currently from Years 7-12 with other levels coming online in the future.