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Proud to belong

The Community at TKS is one that is rich and varied. If you are a Falconian, former or current staff member, parent past or present, or a current student – you are, and always will be, part of our community. The unique nature of our school, our small and welcoming culture, and our strong values, means that no matter when or how you were connected – you are connected – and that is what is important. Every one of us is special and every one of us belongs.

I am proud to be part of the TKS Community and to work with a special group called the FPG. This group exists to foster and maintain relationships with all members of our community. From reunions, to welcome nights to archiving groups and large scale events like those you will see in the 40th year in 2022 – we aim to keep everyone connected in their own way. We welcome any member of our community to join or support the FPG’s programs and events and new ideas are always welcome.

As we approach 2022 and the School’s 40th year, I couldn’t be more PROUD TO BELONG to this special and wonderful community.

If you would like to be involved or hear more about the work of the FPG please email community@knox.vic.edu.au

Barry McIlwaine

Chair – FPG

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