What an amazing theme for Tuesday night’s Presentation Night! The flagship event of The Knox School celebrated the achievements of students, acknowledged the fantastic opportunities available at the School and commemorated the strong sense of belonging of the community. It was a fabulous night that firmly cemented #proudtobelong.

The three words – Dream, Believe, Achieve – encapsulated the essence of the night, reflecting the determination, passion and resilience of TKS students, in particular that of the graduating class of 2023. They served as a reminder that anything is possible with hard work, dedication and a firm belief in oneself.

The three words reminded us to dream big, to believe in ourselves and to achieve great things, holding onto the lessons learned from the challenges we have faced during the year and the values gained. They reminded us of the importance of community: success is achieved far more easily when supported by a team that is connected with the same values, purpose and vision.

The commitment of students to academic growth and personal development is supported by teachers facilitating curiosity and engagement and by parents encouraging active engagement and seizing opportunities as they arise. This partnership results in the best possible outcomes for students, allowing them to thrive and deliver of their best.

A wonderful addition to the night was the segment on alumni. While the achievements of students in Junior and Senior School were highlighted, it was lovely to connect with former students, hearing of their successes and listening to their proud recollections of their schooling years. While they have dreamed, believed and achieved during their time at TKS, it was inspiring to hear that they continue to dream, believe and achieve, putting into practice the values and skills learned as students.

Congratulations to all the prize-winners and to the musicians who gave accomplished performances.

And in the words of the Presentation Night hosts, Amrit Sidhu and Tisakya Munasinghe, life is not about the destination but about the journey. Be bold. Be fearless. And continue to dream, believe and achieve.

Mrs Toni-Ann Bright
Head of People and Culture