As I stood at the gate this morning, I was excited to see how much our students had grown over the holiday, and to see our first Learner Profile Days come to life; our first-ever Learner Profile Days, from ELC to Year 6. These days complement our TKS Three Journeys, bringing them to life and providing an opportunity for our students to give us a sense of their unique personalities and learning styles.

Our younger students used colours to depict their identity, expressing themselves through doodles and drawings. Older students used our learning management system, The Nest, to create meaningful, personal profiles that accompany them throughout their Junior School journey. It has been fantastic for teachers to have time with small groups to get to know them and their goals before starting School.

Although the academic journey of students is vitally important, the learner profiles also covered the individual skills and character of students. They included a spotlight on extra-curricular activities, sports, music, art, science and more. These profiles illustrated the diverse talents our learners bring to the table.

Learning behaviours, self-regulation, and wellbeing were also integral parts of our learner profiles. Students identified effective learning habits, understanding how we manage stress, and acknowledged areas for improvement in self-regulation. This provided insights for both teachers and parents. We know that many parents choose The Knox School because of our focus on “whole child” wellbeing; these profiles give us a tool to foster emotionally intelligent and resilient individuals.

The Learner Profile Day was a celebration of diversity and a testament to our rich School community. Wellbeing focused, these days have been designed to alleviate anxiety associated with returning to School. By organising activities in smaller groups, students can familiarise themselves with classrooms and the campus after a long break, ensuring a smoother transition into the first day without the burden of carrying all the new stationery!

Thank you for being a part of our first ever Learner Profile Days. I welcome your feedback and ask you to email me with suggestions or opportunities to improve the days. We see them as a pivotal step in nurturing self-awareness, individuality, and holistic growth.

Simon Cowell
Head of Junior School