What a week it has been!

The Preps celebrated their 100 days at School, the ELC students participated in a Mini Olympics, Year 5 students explored Sovereign Hill, the Year 4 students explored the CERES Community Park, Jazz Night showcased the extraordinary talents of students and staff, students studying a string instrument had a recital, a Senior School Tour welcomed guests looking to enrol at TKS, students across Junior and Senior School participated in the Tournament of Minds camp, all of which culminates with the Year 11 Social tonight.

Each of these events represent the culture of the School, which, in turn, is underpinned by the School values. All members of the TKS community are held to these values, thereby strengthening the positive, caring environment supporting the learning of students.

The learning that occurs is not limited to within the classroom. At the Jazz Night on Wednesday, I witnessed Year 12 students leading younger students with enthusiasm, sharing their passion for music and supporting the next generation of musicians. At the School Tour I watched the older School Ambassadors share their knowledge and model high levels of confidence and communication with the younger students, who are ready to take the lead and guide the next group of Ambassadors. And at the ELC Mini Olympics, the Year 6 students eagerly assisted and supported the youngest of our students.

But it is not just students supporting each other. It has been wonderful to see the backing from the FPG, parents and alumni for the School Captain, Eshan Mirash, who launched his initiative to hold a car show as part of the Fathers’ Day celebrations next month. The parents and alumni have been generous with their time, gently guiding Eshan and other students who have joined in organising the event to achieve their goal of raising funds for Drive Against Depression.

It is these aforementioned instances that exemplify the positive culture of TKS and the compassionate people within its community. Combine this with committed, expert teachers and a desire to learn and grow, and the stage is set for our students to thrive, find their passion and develop the skills needed beyond their schooling years to succeed.

Mrs Toni-Ann Bright
Head of People and Culture