As we find ourselves well into the heart of Term 3, incredible energy and engagement has defined this week. Students have once again come together for a series of activities that have not only fostered valuable connections, but have also showcased their remarkable growth.

Year 9 students attended their year level camp at Eildon. This experience was more than just an outdoor adventure, it was a transformative journey that tested their resilience and presented them with various challenges. From hiking through to bike riding, high ropes and canoeing, these students have showcased their determination and perseverance. They have spent their evenings camping in tents alongside campfires providing them with a taste of achievement as they shared cooking and setting up camp, fostering a sense of independence and teamwork.

It’s incredible to witness the Year 9 students, not only embracing these challenges, but building resilience, confidence, connections within the year level, and fostering friendships that are bound to last well beyond their time at TKS. The camp also provided an opportunity for leadership development as students took charge of group map reading, refining their leadership skills in the process, and setting them on a path of continuous development.

In addition to the Year 9 camp, our Year 7 and Year 12 students have been exchanging letters, comparing the most important years of a student’s Senior School experience. This cross-year level communication is invaluable, as it allows our Year 7 students to gain insights from those who are about to embark on their final weeks of school. Similarly, our Year 12 students benefit from reflecting on their journey and offering guidance to the younger students who are just beginning their senior school journey.

“Last Tuesday, for National Bullying Prevention Week, Year 7, 11 and 12 students came together to create and play with play dough as a release to their stress from exams, and coming to the end of term. Students were split into House groups and had to work together to create play dough using flour, salt, cream of tartar, and water. This was a fun experience and students were encouraged to create a picture that represented connections. After this, Year 7 students wrote a letter to an assigned Year 12, and the Year 12s are currently in the process of writing back.” – Ayla Cosgrave

It’s inspiring to observe our students actively acquiring life skills and further enriching their Senior School journey. Each day presents an opportunity for them to build upon their connections, enhance their resilience and celebrate remarkable achievements.

Here’s to another week of growth, connection, and unwavering determination.

Ms Brittany Morgenthaler
Head of Students (Year 7)